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Chriss Application

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Chriss Application Empty Chriss Application

Post  chrisshun on Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:30 pm

Name : Chriss
Age : 20
Country : Hungary
Skills : medium
Why you want to join : i would like to play in a good, fair play team.
How you came to know about us : i played with Evil, i saw his skill, and when i asked about recruiting he was helpful.
You want to be an admin? : to be an admin is not the first consideration, but if i can be, i I will fulfill my duties
Previous clans : i was a cod2 player, had hungarian and foreing country team, like exatek gaming [nl], ngtkg [fr]. and im working still in a hosting company.
Your Xfire : synchr1ss
Favourite Maps : vacant, strike, killhouse-noob Very Happy


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